This page will be the place to find links to video’s of talks, seminars and great articles written by some of the leading thinkers of our day. We will be adding more on an ongoing basis and I will post to facebook so you get notified when something new happens. Some of the speeches here will be older but they will all be pertinent to where we are now.


This first video might be your first introduction the world renowned journalist and activist Chris Hedges. You will find plenty of his videos on youtube and you should check out as many as you can. This is one man America can be proud of and if you have never come across him before then it is my pleasure to introduce you. This particular video, you will need to watch it twice. Share it, too.


This video shows Michael Rupert’s talk on 9/11. Everyone needs to see this resentation. It will give you an insight into the darkness that is behind our system.


Another and in my the leading American intellectual. This man, little known in his own country, is honored around the globe as a leading light in political thinking. Noam gives quite a dry delivery, no showbiz here and is not an easy listen for many people but the man is faultless when it comes to historic perspective and his ability to get right to the core of political and social issues. One again you will find plenty of Noam Chomsky on you tube and other platforms. Click around, watch as much of him as you can. I never make decisions on issues until I have heard what this man has to say.


Another of my ‘go to’ experts. Trying to understand western/middle eastern relations both from an historic and present day perspective is certainly one of this man’s specialties.  Once again, he is one of the voices I listen to before coming to a position. Again, you will find many video’s on youtube from Tariq Ali and I recommend you click around and hear more of what he has to say.  (Sadly it is quite a long intro, but stay with it.)


This ‘one off’ from Dr. Albert Bartlett is one of the most curious videos to watch. A simple class room setting while an elder professor seemingly just ambling through a lecture BUT keep watching. This man paints, in the most understated way, a clear picture of the massive expansion of demand and population levels that we have to come to terms with.This is a ‘must see’.


Another great journalist, in this video talking about the attack’s on 9/11.  But, track him down on youtube whenever you need another side to the events going on in the middle east.


This woman is truly a remarkable human being and is changing the face of Indian agriculture in her fight for justice for small farmers against Monsanto.  But her fight does not end there, she is struggling for the people of our planet on a global scale. Seek her out and learn more of what she has to say, if you agree, then support her efforts.