Probably the most important message of the first Ethos film centers around recognizing our own personal responsibility for the way our world is. By our actions or lack of action we allow this broken system to continue. Of course the mainstream media does not tell us the whole story about our world so we can easily be forgiven for walking blindly through our lives believing what we hear without question. Right?

It is wonderful to realize that more and more people, everyday, are beginning to ask important and searching questions about the world we have created for ourselves and I personally get great hope and courage from that.  But, I have to push home the point that WE are responsible for what is happening in our society.  Unless we get this, unless we are making changes, however small they seem in our own daily lives, then we are feeding a system that generates pollution, poverty, inequality, starvation and war and is taking away our rights to respond.

There will not be a new messiah to lead the way to the promised land, we do not have time to wait for a savior and we have been fooled too often by them before. This is all down to us, each and every one of us, searching out the truth and acting accordingly, taking responsibility for our actions and our world.


It is understandable that many want to take to the streets in protest, and protests are still extremely valuable. But, while we would all like to tear down the walls from time to time and sing the songs of our heroic deeds,  violent revolution seldom brings sustainable change. Often the leaders of the revolution are rounded up and shot. Our system knows very well how to deal with riots. Generally the ‘powers that be’ slacken the chain off a little until the protests calm down and things slowly return to the way they were. We have to be better, smarter than that.

When you stop supporting ‘the system’, through non violent means, it cannot even see you, never mind pepper spray you. And, it is more effective. When you withdraw your financial support from a company by avoiding their products you are hitting them where it hurts most, right in the pocket. More on that bellow. When enough people withdraw their support the system changes dramatically. This is an evolution.

When Nike were ousted for using ‘sweatshop’ labor the company stock dropped 50%! So, they changed their practices. They had no choice.  So, of course boycotts are a powerful tool  but, much more powerful than that is the process that occurs when we each ‘engage’ in our world. Many have turned away because they feel helpless. You are no longer helpless. If you are reading this page you have ‘engaged.’ Change, however small an increment, has already happened. The human race, given a chance, is capable of incredible things and you are on that road, part of that change.

When we decide to listen to more than one news channel before developing an opinion, when we recognize that pouring bleach down the sink poisons our fish and our own drinking water, when we decide only to buy things we need rather than what the advertising man tells us we ‘must have’, when we realize all war is caused by greed, for power and resources, when we understand it is all about our individual actions and stop waiting for the government, and we search out the truth and act accordingly, then things change. This is evolution. No body gets hurt. We create a new world by our new thinking and new behavior.



It still baffles me when I consider our race, with several million years of evolution,  still following the herd without question.  Just the idea that Fox News or MSNBC might lie is still a difficult concept for many people to accept, but it certainly underlines an important issue: we are often content and life seems easier if we are just prepared to follow the herd and go along.  Sadly the days of ignorant bliss, if they ever existed, are gone. We are faced with massive social, economic and environmental upheaval and it is imminent. Knowing what to do about the issues that face us and getting the facts about what is happening is crucial.

So, where do we get our information? Most of us get almost all of our information about the world from the media. Please note: the media is not a ‘public service’ industry.  The mass of mainstream media is owned by just six multinational conglomerates and they have various agendas based on their other holdings, that serve their own needs, not yours.

Most of us watch the news and then repeat, almost word for word, the opinions we were given by the media. Most of our opinions are not ‘our opinions’, they have been given to us and that has got to change. But first we have to own up to that truth. Please think about this. Where do you get your opinions? Do they just pop into your head? No, you get them from the TV don’t you? There are links on the ‘Alternative News’ page of this website that will help.

Most of us have heard the term ‘left’ or ‘right’ wing media. Maybe Fox is on the right and MSNBC on the left? I would like to ask a couple of questions to illustrate a point. Question 1:Do you have an opinion about gay marriage? Yes? No?  Okay, Question 2: Do you have an opinion about a ‘woman’s right to choose’? The truth is most people have an opinion about these issues because the media, left and right wing media,  brings them up.  Now, last question: Do you have an opinion about the CIA laundering money through Colombian arms deals? No? Well, most people do not have an opinion about this issue because the media, left or right wing media, does not bring it up. In this way the media get to frame the debate, tell us what to think about. They bring on ‘expert pundits’ to speak to both sides of these narrowly defined positions and then most of us form ‘our’ opinions based on ‘their’ views. We have got to stop doing this, it is beyond foolish.

Once there were laws that limited the amount of ‘media’ any one company could own. These laws, enacted to protect us from exactly what has happened,  have been trashed. Journalism it’s self  has been replaced by pundits that give opinions – op ed’s- not news. It really is a race to the very bottom in terms of journalistic integrity.

The power of the media to shape and change public opinion is monumental and as there are now only six corporations controlling most of it we have to be highly suspicious about what we are fed. No responsible adult should form an opinion or take a position without fully exploring the facts. You have to look for alternative news sources and this site will introduce you to some of them.

The media sells us everything from plastic gadgets to warfare. Buyer beware.



Watch THE CORPORATION free online. Watch CENTURY OF THE SELF free online. 

The advertizing man has been playing us like a banjo. It might well be that back in the day it was hard to see the outcome of selling all of these wonderful products that would make our lives ‘just divine’.  Sadly that is no longer the case. With population levels now around 6.7 Billion it is easy to see our worlds resources, which cannot be replenished, from anywhere, are being devoured at a terrifying rate. And we are poisoning our planet, the only one we have, in the process.

Often we imagine our lives would be so much nicer if we only owned the latest widget with the metallic paint. The advertising man often subtly, sometimes not so subtly, goes one step further and tells us that we are nothing more than abject ‘failures’ if we do not indeed own the latest widget with the metallic paint. I remember a time when the label was actually ‘inside’ the clothing. Now it is on the outside so we can proclaim to the world that we truly are successful and own a Tommy Hilfiger shirt!! These days it is not good enough to own a Mercedes. No, it has to be this years Mercedes or you are a absolute looser! And so we start running. We run to keep up with the Jones’, we run to keep up with ourselves.  Most of us work two jobs just to try and keep up, our children do not recognize us, we are never home, never relaxed, never free from the race and yet still we spend our money on useless junk and crap we do not need.

As you have seen in the first Ethos film it was a conscious and tactical decision to change our buying habits from needs based purchasing to ‘desire’ based consumerism. Adam Curtis’s film “Century of the Self”, possibly the most important documentary ever made, outlines in detail the history of the PR men who started possibly the single most damaging phenomena in our history that may well seal our doom: consumerism. It is your duty to see this film. The link is above.

I outlined some of the more salient points in Ethos but you should get a full understanding of the terrible science these people developed. It has changed, in the most grotesque way, the face of our planet and our society.  It has set man in an endless race, man against man and nation against nation in the savage pursuit and wasteful abuse of every resource and all that is good on this planet,  from our dignity to our own personal liberty.  Also, almost everything you buy gives money and power to the very corporations that have stolen our democracy. (if we ever had one) And, almost everything you buy causes wars for resources. DO YOU GET THIS? It is us!!! We are the traffic!! STOP BUYING STUFF!!!!    Watch THE STORY OF STUFF free online.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING YOU DO NOT NEED. Everything you buy causes pollution and uses up our increasingly dwindling resources to manufacture. Often it pays for slave labor, and always it fills the pockets of those who control you. If you give them your money you are giving them power.

Anything you do have to buy, buy from a company that operates in an ethical, environmentally conscious way. Buy a quality product and intend on using it for its serviceable lifetime. I will place links on the site and there will be plenty more advice in the comments and blog sections of the site, however, you all have access to the internet and a good browsing session will tell you the best people to do business with.

Doing business with good companies and avoiding bad companies will change the shape of  world business’. If you will not buy their stuff they will change, they have absolutely no alternative.  Though it may seem simple, when you think it through this is very powerful stuff. Money has become greater than god. It causes everything and many will do anything to get it. The bottom line for any company is the most important line on the page. Take away their money and they will find out why and then adjust accordingly. It is already happening.

Many companies now use terms like ‘green’ or natural’ or ‘environmentally friendly’ images and language to sell their stuff. They are responding, however cynically, to the public demand. Yes, we have to sniff out the sinners who are just plain lying about how green they really are, but we have got to keep this ball rolling. Our entire system of economics based on persistent growth has to end. Those changes will be deep but we can start putting the breaks on now and prepare through the simple and discreet device of ‘not buying stuff’. Easy, right?


It is crucial, if we are to get anywhere close to salvaging our beleaguered planet and society that we start trying to get to the ‘route causes’ of the issues we face. Sadly this cannot be accomplished through ‘sound bite’ politics or short hand opinions. The issues that we must address are often complex and we have to be prepared to have a deep and long conversation if we are to find answers.

Example: Someone asked me about crime and what we should do about it as a society. Good question I thought. What we do presently is send people to prison. But, we have sent lots of people to prison and more people go there everyday, America has the worlds largest prison population in the the world,  and yet crime continues. So, clearly, sending people to prison is not an effective way to stop crime. Right? There is not one single credible study (a study by people without vested interests) that indicates anything other than negative outcomes for our society from sending people to jail. It does not even deter people from committing crimes!

There are now private companies, like Wackenhut, who actually bill the government and make millions in profits out of your tax dollars, for running private prisons. Who says crime does not pay. Interestingly Wackenhut was one of the chief lobbyists for the ‘three strikes’ law which obviously provided them with more ‘customers’, (inmates) and more profit/tax dollars. It is an absolute human disgrace that a company can profit from the travesties that befall our fellow man or woman. Is it not sad enough that we live in a society where people feel the need to steal? I am embarrassed for the thief and a society that makes him so. Have we lost all sense of honor and compassion?

But, back to the point. The Long Conversation. If you want to stop crime then we have to understand why it occurs. If you look at the prison population you will notice it is populated by the socio/economically challenged sector of our society: The poor and the desperate. The disenfranchised souls our society is happy to throw away.

Our system dangles the trophies of success, fancy cars, big houses and  perfect lives,  in front of people who have absolutely no chance of ever ‘living the dream,’ of ever achieving their smallest goals. For the most part these people live in abject poverty in derelict housing with very little education or social services. It isn’t too difficult to see what causes crime, if you look. The question then remains is what do we do about it. Do we follow the ‘quick fix’ of jailing offenders or do we try something else.

The long conversation uncovers the fact that we have to improve the lives of every member of our society to the point that no one needs to steal. This is not as difficult as it seems and we have the resources. If we have defined our goal as simply punishing people who, through circumstance have broken laws, then we just continue as we are and suffer the consequences. If we would like to stop crime and give everyone a better life then we have to do something different.

The long conversation has to cover all of the gray area. NOTHING IS BLACK AND WHITE. Every issue has nuances, grey areas, and you will not change our world, understand our society, or create sustainable change unless you get that. The ‘sound bite’ is favored by our politicians because generally it says nothing of any substance, the only thing  they seem to have in abundance!



Anyone who stands up to proclaim him or herself as most fit to rule the free world must be suspect just for saying so. Right?


There are several objectives for a politician: get in power, do good things for those who got you into power, and…stay in power. Making decisions, doing anything or saying anything specific, on the other hand, is a bad thing for a politician, as is being direct, telling the truth, rocking the boat, making changes. All of these things can get you removed from office.  So, the object is to get into power, keep talking obliquely about objectives and plans, nothing too specific, but hopeful and inspirational sounding, and then once your term in office ends go to work as a consultant or lobbyist for the firm who actually paid for your election in the first place.

Watch  THE PROBLEM WITH MONEY IN POLITICS free online or NOAM CHOMSKY on money in politics.

For some, politics is no longer a ‘service to the community,’  but a career. To others it is a way to make sure that no legislation is passed that might affect your sponsoring corporation’s bottom line. The later is more often the case.  The corporations own the politicians and thus the government. No private citizen can afford the 1 Billion dollars it costs to run for office these days, hence no one, who is not financed by big corporations can get to the Big House. Do you think the big corporations would finance me to run for office? They will not finance anyone other than their own heavily vetted puppets. Why would they do otherwise? Can you imagine a corporation backing a man that is going to make them clean up their pollution? Further, it is obvious that we cannot divide every political opinion in to just two political parties, there are over 300 million Americans! So, the idea that we have anything even approximating proper representation is ridiculous.  Ergo- we do not have a democracy. Period.

Politics today is a fixed race. Both sides vote the same as each other and indeed most play golf with each other. They pass the ball back and forward and nothing happens that benefits the people. That is not their objective. You might also notice that in America there are just two parties. That is just one more than a dictatorship!

So, why do we still vote?

Are we are hoping beyond hope that somehow showing up once every four or five years and ticking a box, that somehow we are involved, doing our civic duty?  Please! My advice is to simply stop voting. I have to say that I am not entirely sure what the affect of this would be, however, I know what the affect of voting for these people has been. Take a quick look around the world: Endless war, poverty, pollution and destroyed lives. Do not vote for for these people ever, ever again.  Find great thinkers, great innovators, great humans,  and write their names on your ballots.

We have allowed them to convince us that anything ethical or fair is tantamount to communism.  They have taught us, through their media to hate the trade unions, for example, the only way the common man or woman could get any kind of  fair treatment in the work place! States where you can now be fired at the whim of the boss are now called ‘Right to Work States! Right to get fired States would be a better name. We have bought into the idea that if we care for our common man then we have,  at the very least,  ‘socialist tendencies’! I will only curse once on this website and this is the place. I  f*#’@ing despair.  The great people of this world are listening to a bunch of duplicitous, self serving, back biting sociopaths, and buying every word. Stop listening to these people.

Once there are enough people who recognize the futility of voting, in our current system, we will have enough enlightened people, people who are aware and engaged enough, to make the great changes we need to make.

I cannot see the future, but I know this is not the end of our story, we are still evolving as a species and I envisage great things for the human race but we have got to start moving forward now. Start supporting legislation that takes money out of politics. Join local groups that are pressuring your local representative to act on your behalf. Pay attention to what they do, not what they say. Watch their voting records. Phone them, email them, and march up and down outside their offices until they start representing you. Get involved.

If you just show up to vote once every four or five years and this is your only contribution then you can expect no less than what you see around you, a catastrophic mess.

NOTE: I actually shed a tear when Barack Obama was elected. The idea that, not only America but  the state of Mississippi,  a hotbed of race tension, was prepared to vote for an African American was overwhelming to me. I congratulate the people of America for that great day. It was a great thing for the American people to have achieved in terms of its history of race inequality.However,  I had checked his credentials out ahead of time and expected nothing other than ‘business as usual’ at the White House.

Barrack Obama, however,  is possibly worse than George Bush who was only moderately worse than Bill Clinton. Look at what these people do, not what they say. Obama chose Tim Geithner, a FED henchman as Treasury Secretary, he chose Tom Vilsack, a Monsanto mouthpiece, to head the Agriculture Dept. Obama chose Michael Taylor, former Monsanto Attorney as the head of Food Safety for the FDA who are supposed to monitor companies like Monsanto!  He chose Jeff Immelt, former head of GE, who pay no taxes while profiting in the billions from the endless wars, to head up his economic advisory committee! He signed the updated Patriot act that guts the constitution even further, and he just gave the Health Care companies everything they ever wanted, more of your money. Politicians really are all the same and a quick look at history, and their voting records, check them out here,  will show you that. Lets not get fooled again.

Under the governance of both of these two maniacal political parties controlled by corporations the life expectancy of the average male in Pine Ridge South Dakota is now 48 years. It is 71 in Iraq.



Watch COLLAPSE free online

There are way to many ‘conspiracy’ theories based around Freemasons, the Illuminati, The Council on Foreign Relations etc. These organizations all really exist but we can’t discern much about their secret activities. Which may or may not be important for the debate. I think what would be valuable is to note what the logical outcome of our system is.

We live in a capitalist/monetarist system. In this system getting to the top is paramount. While I have no love of Walmart, every business in the world has to be aggressive in the market place if they want to survive, that is our system. They must expand and consolidate, this is the nature of business. Every mom and pop or local store that disappears when a Walmart comes to their area does so because they were not as aggressive as Walmart. Most small business’ start with the idea that they want to be successful. However, the most successful/largest companies are those who have grown to the point that they can crowd their completion out of the market through buying power etc. Most new business’ want to be as big as Walmart. That is the nature of business, once again, expand and consolidate. Plenty of people complain about Walmart, but, in this system, isn’t Walmart a success story, an exemplar of the ‘American way?’

It is the same with Power. Very wealthy industrialists always look to gain political power. This is a further expansion of their influence. It keeps them dominant. They expand and consolidate. Consolidation at the higher levels means being able to protect against legislation that would negatively affect your bottom line,  and, being able to enact legislation that keeps you in control, positively affecting your sphere of influence and keeping you in profit or power.

Once in power, in our current system,  you ‘must’ expand and consolidate or someone else will come along, a Walmart or new Political power or influence  and put you out of business.

America’s activities abroad reflect this exact behavior, trying to dominate the influence of China, Russia, India, etc. So, it is logical ‘in our system’ that very powerful financial elites seek to, and indeed do, dominate political and social power. I care less about their activities than I do about understanding what is going on and why. And here is why. If we were to round up and arrest the Illuminati, for example, nothing would change. Some other group would clamber to fill their position. Do not blame, try to understand. Many people, given our current system, would do as the financial elites  have done. But, you might ask, why do wee act this way, why do we seek power? Good question and I will be coming to that later.

In our current system, clearly it is the banks, who loan money to governments and corporations, who are at the top of the food chain. What lengths have they gone to to consolidate their position? It is interesting to note that the CIA, which began under the National Security Act of 1947, was and has been run predominately to this day by the bankers.  Almost all of the CIA heads have come from and gone back to Wall Street, from Allen Dulles  who actually started the CIA to  George Tenet.

It is surprising how few of the CIA heads actually have security back grounds. The current Chief, John O Brennan is one of the few exceptions. Why would ‘bankers’ hardly James Bond types be running the CIA. Does the worlds most powerful security service work for the FED and the top banks? Even with the above, this could sound like a conspiracy theory, right. Perhaps it is better stated that the CIA’S primary mission is to safeguard American interests. America’s primary interests are economic power, ergo…just logic right? Okay, to illustrate, here is a list of CIA chiefs and who they worked for:

Allen Dulles, actually started the CIA.  Partner, Sullivan & Cromwell. (the most powerful law firm on Wall Street)

John Foster Dulles,  Partner, Sullivan &Cromwell.

John McCone, Director, Pacific Mutual Life Insurance, United California Bank

Clark Clifford, Chairman of First American Bankshares

Bill Casey, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Stanley Sporkin, General Council to SEC

David Doherty, Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange

A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, Chairman Investment Bank A.B. Brown. (under suspicion related to 9/11 insider trading)

Chairman of Banker’s Trust

Richard M. Helms , Grandson of Gates McGarrah FED Chairman.  Iranian Investments Consultant.

James R Schlesinger, Senior Adviser to Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc

Stansfield Turner, Board of Directors Chase Investment Counsel Corporation

R. James Woolsey, Chairman of Woolsey Partners LLC and a Venture Partner with Lux Capital Management.

John Deutch, Board of Citigroup

Nora Slatkin, Board of Citybank

Roberts Gates, Board of Fidelity Investments.

George Tenet, MD of Merchant bank Allen & Company

Leon Paneta, Stock Exchange Board of Directors.

David Patraeus, Chairman of Investment firm Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts.

I may have missed a couple but you get the point.  Why is the CIA so connected to Wall Street?





Watch: WHY WE FIGHT free online.

War is ‘Business as usual.’ Once again we have to look back at history, probably the most important document we have, to understand war. When Hitler invaded Poland, much of which actually belonged to Germany before the end of WW1, he was trying to get back into the expansionist, colonialist game that the Brits, the Belgians, the French and Italians etc were already playing: running around the world stealing every third world country’s resources and land. Japan and America were in competition over who could steal the most of China’s resources. When, eventually, America cut of oil supply to Japan the Japanese attacked Pearl harbor. All of this is recorded history and all of it ‘economics’, all about the money.

Yes, Hitler was a monster but you might like to ask the people of India, Africa, or the entire South American continent what they thought of the European hordes that were raping their nations. You know, there are only 22 countries in the world that Britain never invaded! With absolute respect to the millions that suffered at Hitlers hands, in terms of the scale of death and suffering caused, he was by no means the worst. The worst offenders are those who continually tout their wars as the expansion of civilization and democracy. The British and the USA.

War makes billions of dollars in profit for the weapons manufacturers, who often own TV channels,  like GE owning MSNBC. MSNBC loudly touted support for the attack on Iraq that made GE even more billions. And while just calling it a war for oil is an over simplification, it is certainly true.  Wars are caused because they make money and they are always aimed at another countries resources, which is another opportunity to make even more money.

While Saddam Husein may well have been an evil dictator he was supported and armed by the west up to the point he wanted to take Iraq off the petro/dollar and start trading his oil in Euro’s. There are, and have been, many more terrible dictators around the world but, so long as they are prepared to comply with western corporate interests, WCI, generally selling out their own peoples resources for a fraction of their worth, they are left to their own devices and often given arms and military training to support their terrifying regimes. However, should they refuse to co-operate they are soon  demonized in the western press and the troupes are sent in. This has been repeated through out history with nauseating regularity.

The troupes are, in the majority, made up of the nations poor and uneducated.  They come from areas where there is little or no employment. This also repeats throughout history. They are fed the idea that there are ‘evil doers’ out there that threaten our way of life. They are fed the idea that they are being ‘patriotic’ and off they go to trample other nations and get themselves killed and maimed in the process. Their lives will not be improved by the spoils of the wars they fight. All profits and acquisitions go to the corporate overlords who start the wars.

Young men may well be foolish for not seeing the truth but, the older men who send them to war, know full well what they are doing. I do not commonly use biblical terms but, if there is any such thing as evil in this world, then these warlords are its highest expression.  We need to protect our young men and women and make sure they do not join the military, ever.

The WCI (western corporate interests) are not interested in equality, peace, patriotism, justice or spreading democracy. They cannot provide this for their own people. What they wants is pliant trading partners. It is all about money. Sadly, everything in our world has become ‘all about the bottom line’ and war is our worst expression of that. However, none of our hands are clean. Massive consumerism drives the demand for the resources the WCI steal for us. Everything you purchase ‘costs’ someone else somewhere around the world, something. It is important that we understand this, this is OUR responsibility.

It takes an adult to own up to the truth and too many of us have been burying our heads in the sand for too long.  There are many reasons people ‘turn away’. I think the main reason is a sense of helplessness, ‘what can one man/woman do?’ As long as we continue to believe we are powerless then that is how we shall remain. Every choice we make every day can make an enormous difference. If we can GET THIS we can change the world by tomorrow morning.

Presently the west, using the power and might of America is determined to attack Iran. The current threats against Syria are a part of that long term goal. Syria and Iran are trading partners who share a peace pact. Iran has not attacked another nation since the 1700’s. They are peaceful people. The west is determined to undermine their government and get more access and control in this oil rich region. Unless we all start calling our representatives and marching in the street there will be American boots on the ground in Syria within six months. The ‘limited’ strikes now being discussed will escalate when Syria and or Iran retaliate, as they undoubtedly will.

Now, they are saying the Syrians used gas on its own people. Do you remember they said the same thing about Saddam Husein? So we would all go along with the attack on Iraq. Interestingly the nerve gas Saddam had was sold to him by a company in Rochester New York so we knew he had it, we had the receipts! Neither the British of the USA has the ‘moral high ground’ necessary for judging other nations, they used depleted Uranium (radioactive poison) and white phosphorus in Iraq! And, while I am still waiting for someone to explain the moral distinction between killing people with nerve gas or killing them with conventional weapons, I can say for certain that violence only begets violence. Those who are trying to sell ‘military action’ as any kind of solution are going to be making money out of the deal. These people belong in the dark ages and we should demand proper diplomatic solutions to the issues we face.

But, in a week which saw mass news coverage of Edward Snowden’s evidence that the government is and has been looking up our tailpipes for years, for the first time since the cold war, Russia brought it’s navy back into the Mediterranean, adjacent to Syria.

Russia are determined the USA does not expand its influence to Iran. Why? Control and influence in this region is vital if one wants to maintain economic and military supremacy. In ‘this system’ fighting wars and attacking other nations to maintain supremacy is completely understandable, in fact necessary!  The routes of this are discussed in the up coming follow up film ETHOS LOGIC, however it is this system, that we support, that generates all of our calamities from war to pollution, the the cheapening of human life, not the Iranians, Iraqi’s, Al Qaeda, Syrians or the American or British people and no individual government. This system is killing us.



Watch THE OIL FACTOR free online

The expansion of our population levels, the industrial revolution and march of technology are all tied to the easy to get energy in oil. Oil has been the fundamental building block. However, it is running out quite quickly, so, whoever is sitting on the spigot will be the main economic and military power left standing,  the only one capable of running a military, as the military still runs primarily on oil. That man will dominate what ever comes next. It is a chess move by the west to block China, India, Russia and anyone else from finding  ‘an edge’ in world economic power. This is why more than a million Iraqi’s were murdered. It is why, one way or another, the west will take Iran. (unless Russia or China step in and it looks like they might.) That more countless lives will be lost, the fact that burning this energy poisons our lives and our planet seems lost on these people! This is the world we have created. Nothing can change it…but you.


FOOD AND CLEANING PRODUCTS (how exciting is that)

gmo1 poisond family

Watch FOOD INC free online.

Watch SEEDS OF DEATH free online.

Not very romantic but,  this is where the average person spends most of their money. If we can change our purchasing habits here we can literally move mountains. And, it is easy.

If big industry is responsible for spewing poison into the air that we breathe, then the food and chemical industries are the place where you actually get to put the poisons directly into your mouth and smear it around you home!

If you ever visited a factory farm, for chicken or Beef, I doubt few of you would ever eat meat again. And you don’t want see what they are doing to the crops! Frankenstein’s  monster was nothing in comparison.  And we buy it by the bushel and trundle it off home in our shopping baskets and put it in our mouths and scatter it around our homes! Unbelievable.

Our milk cartons have little pictures of happy little farmers with their families living in a cute rural cottage with a white picket fence and a happy little cow, just about jumping over the moon in the back yard. In the words of one interviewee in Food Inc, (click to watch the film now free online) a dynamite documentary that you really have to see, this is a ‘pastoral fantasy’. The modern food industry is chemical driven. It is brutal, filthy and poisonous. The average beef cow is full of more drugs than Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin and Kieth Richards combined.  And when you eat it you are swallowing all of the hormones and slime they have been injected with too!

One organic banana has more actual food in it, for 70 cents,  than a Big Mac for $6. We love our Big Mac’s but they are poisonous and full of hormones and chemicals. We have to train ourselves into better behavior.  Have you noticed how McDonalds have a kiddy play park at most locations. This is so you will associate your precious childhood memories, playing with other kids with your loving mother in the distance and having a happy meal- with a product that is going to kill you and the planet! Stop this. We have to stop taking innocent children to eat grease and sugar combo’s at fast food monstrosities. Take responsibility for what we are doing.

The chemical/cleaning fluid industry have convinced you to buy lots of different poisons to clean your home. All you need is a basic soap. But look under your kitchen sink. You could probably build a bomb with what is under there. They have found traces of household bleach at the top of Mount Everest! Stop buying bleach and the world changes tomorrow. You might have to scrub a little harder but that is a whole lot easier than living on a dead planet.

MONSANTO, the company that gave us Agent Orange and DDT and told us they were safe,  have recently developed a seed that is genetically modified to die after one seasons growing. It is called the suicide gene. Why would they do this? So farmers have to keep coming back to buy more seed. Once again, all about the money! Also, when the seeds are wind blown onto other farmers property Monsanto sues them for intellectual property theft. Commonly the farmers are bankrupted by such suits.

Monsanto, among others, are releasing genetically modified seeds and other organisms, the outcome of which we might not know until it is too late, into our environment. This is YOUR environment and your elected representatives are supposed to protect it. However, a former attorney for Monsanto is now head of Food Safety at the FDA, who are supposed to regulate companies like Monsanto! Yes, the fox is taking care of the hen house. It is a travesty and unless you do something it isn’t going to change.

Not buy anything Monsanto is a part of is the most powerful way to protest. Yes, their monstrous products are everywhere, but it is not too difficult to avoid them if you would like to make a difference. Use the THE GOODGUIDE  smart phone app to avoid GMO’S and other calamities.   I would also advise emailing your congressman every hour on the hour to let him know your feelings about it. FIND CONTACT EMAILS FOR CONGRESS HERE




There really are some incredible minds among us, offering ideas, solutions and technologies that could really serve us and change our world. And yet new ideas are often met with suspicion or placed into the pigeon holes of our old thinking and dismissed. Of course the easy proof that our present thinking is wrong is to take a look around our world: Endless wars, injustice, pollution.

But, as a rule, we do not like change, regardless of it’s inevitability and we cling to old ideas and classifications somehow hoping blindly that they will, in the end, serve us. There is an old saying that goes ‘insanity is repeating the same actions while expecting a different result.’ Our old thinking is keeping us in the dark ages and yes, I believe we will look back at this time and consider it so.

This system is collapsing and unless we make some serious changes quickly we can expect no less than disaster. The route of our present state of destruction is consumer driven capitalism. Please let me point out that when I blame capitalism that does not make me a communist. That assumption is the ‘old thinking’ that has been programmed into most of us. The choice is not between capitalism and communism. This is a limited perspective. Communism also uses money, Russia and China are both world players and financial super powers are they not? The main difference between the two is how centralized government control is over the economy. So, perhaps it is easier to use the term capitalist/monetarism? I truly believe we will look back and see this system as the most brutal and paralyzing cancer we could have invented. It is wasteful, inefficient and the cause of all war and human suffering.

However, I want you to imagine you wake up one morning and you are smiling. You feel rested and content. You do not have to jump out of bed and race off through the traffic to a job you hate, that pressure has been removed. You can spend the day as you wish, working on a novel, playing with your children, inventing a widget or knitting a sweater, what ever you would like, you could even just go fishing. There is no war, no pollution and everyone has the things they need, all of your basic needs are provided for, free! You have food water and comfortable shelter. You are happy, content and you live in a world of peace and justice.

Now, if I said that this was achievable, you would call me a dreamer, right?  All of the ‘old thinking’ starts to flood our brains. ‘God damn it I knew this guy was a commie!’ ‘He is dreaming of a utopian nirvana!’ or Perhaps ‘That Pete McGrain is just another crazed hippie who has lost the plot’? Well, how are we going to feed ourselves? Who will drive the trucks and trains and do the work? These questions are natural enough but, they are all based on ‘old thinking.’

The paradise I describe above is not only within our abilities to create, IT IS NECESSARY FOR OUR VERY SURVIVAL ON THE PLANET.

The average computer chip in your smart phone can perform millions of actions per second, more processing power than NASA had when they sent the first men to the moon!  We, the human race made that. It is a technology, a system. That is how capable we are. It’s miraculous, right?  Now, take a look around the world and ask yourself if this ‘system’, the way we currently live, is the best we can do. It clearly is not.

There are a few different models out there but one of the most prominent is known as the  Resource Based Economy, or RBE. Interestingly the man who devised it, Jaques Fresco, a systems analyst and inventor for many large corporations, was not trying to design a paradise for the good people of the Earth. He was trying, as he has done throughout his entire career, to build a system that was efficient, that could sustain it’s self.

It is a logical upshot, or requirement,  when trying to design a system that could attend to all of our needs and best manage the Earth’s resources, which have to be priority,  that the energy used by having masses of workers driving cars across town to go to work everyday could not be sustained at even a fraction of present levels. At every turn, he discovered, making our systems of energy management better increased our quality of life. I will talk more about this in the next film but this is the kind of ‘new thinking’ and genius that can move us forward. Do not cling so tightly to old systems that do not serve our best interests. We can imagine and create an entirely different system where pollution, war, the daily grind of labor are no longer efficient or required, based not on dreams of utopia but on science!


Commonly when I talk about getting rid of money people tell me that the capitalist system of ‘profit driven motivation’ has given us all of these incredible technologies  we have today. Even if that were true, which it isn’t, one look at the massive depletion of our resources will tell you that it cannot continue. If the capitalist system has served us in any way, it must be clear that a system that requires constant growth, one of the basic principals of the mechanics of capitalism,  cannot be sustained within a limited/finite resource (the Earth) and must be changed. But let me come back to the claim that ‘profit driven motivation’ has given us so much.

One cannot buy genius. No matter how much money you throw at me I could not write a Paul McCartney song or invent the airplane.  The people who have given us the life changing technologies from medicine to manned flight where not doing it for the money, they where doing it because they could not do or think of anything else. They were driven by the dreams and challenges of discovery, creation and invention. The Wright brothers dreamed of flying with the birds. Early doctors and scientists had a sincere desire to cure disease or discover the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Most of them gave their discoveries away for the betterment of the society, for free! Can you imagine what our world could be like if we unlocked that potential in each of us? Yes, big companies pour tonnes of money into research and development, to come up with new technologies, but, because of money there is a limit to that research and development. When you take away the limitations and have scientists and technicians, who love what they do, beavering away without financial fetters then the sky’s the limit.

Today’s capitalism can be seen reflected in the actions of companies like Monsanto, mentioned above, who design a seed with a suicide gene, designed to die after just one seasons growing,  just so they can make more profit when the farmer has to buy next years seeds. This warped perspective starves people to maintain profits, denies alternative cures for diseases, holds back development of alternative power sources and it tramples and stifles innovation at every level. Can you imagine how far NASA could have gone if they were not constantly begging for funds.

When a company makes a product today it has to compete in the market place (a monetarist/ capitalist structure) So, it is made with the cheapest materials. The manufacturer knows they will make more money when it breaks and you have to come back to buy another. It is made ‘not to last.’ This actually has a name in industry,  it is called ‘built in obsolescence.’

Given our ‘finite’ resource, the earth, doesn’t making something that will be discarded, simply thrown away when it breaks down,  seem at odds with the idea that capitalist/monetarism provides efficiencies. Given our limited resources shouldn’t we be scrambling to avoid any waste? How would we do that? We could design products that last, right? But if we are making things just for ‘profit’ that will never happen. Capitalist/monetarism is inefficient and wasteful from the ground up. It cannot be sustained.

Of course, at first, all of this seems highly counter intuitive, crazy even,  because we have become accustomed to the system and the arguments of those who’s only interest is profit. We have been hearing all about how great capitalism/monetarism is since we stared watching TV so it is natural we balk at the idea of questioning it. This is the old thinking we have to get over. Whether we like the RBE or not, we have to start questioning our options with a new perspective. We have to be really open to questioning all of the things we thought were true, all of the ideas we hold dear. It isn’t easy but,  just remember, our present thinking is creating the world we see around us.

The first Ethos film was really challenging for many people. There were some difficult issues and revelations raised in the film but the response has been incredible. So many more people contact me every day with questions and I cannot begin to describe how humbling it is for me to part of this process. But it gives me great hope for the future. The media does not report it, but people are beginning to ask serious questions. They really are waking up. You are part of this. I encourage you to keep your eye on the prize: A clean, sustainable future with peace and justice for all. That is the goal, it is achievable, get involved.

PLEASE spread the word about the website and the facebook page. This is not just about the film, this is about helping people get more information and coordinating action.

My sincere best wishes to you,




Of course conventional protests and phone call and email campaigns to our representatives have to continue and in mass they do have an impact. Most of the worst crimes happen because they do not think you are watching. If you are learning about the issues and voicing your opinion then things change, but it does take an effort. We have to make that effort, it is our moral responsibility.Voting once every four years in a rigged system is pathetic, right?

The direct action page of this site is a place to list coming actions in your area, so too is the Ethos facebook page.  As this site grows through the profile of the film, it will be a valuable resource for communication among the ethos community. It is up to you to get involved and spread the word.

However, there are things you can do, or not do immediately to start making a big difference. We have got to stop ‘talking about it’ and start doing it. In the paragraphs above you will see the reasoning behind the following but, just to be clear, where ever you can: