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How can you make sure to use the best Netflix VPN for your safety? Read everything about it on this site

Some 190 countries where Netflix operates. With almost 4000 titles, movies and series, Netflix offers something for everyone. Yet it is ‘only’ 4000 titles if you compare it to the Netlfix offerings in the United States where you have almost half méér titles available. With a good VPN you circumvent a geographical blockade and increase the selection you can see yourself. Without moving.

Geographic blockage in Netflix

In a previous article we already told about the broadcasting rights that cause the offer of a streaming service like Netflix to differ from country to country. A handy site to see this in practice is uNoGS, the “unofficial Netflix online Global Search”. This site displays Netflix s offerings from about 35 countries and is a great way to find out. Or vice versa: if you want to see a specific movie or series, you can see through uNoGS óf and if so, in which country (the Netherlands?) the title is available on Netflix.

  • Let’s look at the most popular movies on offer on the uNoGS site as an example: The Shawshank Redemption, as the most popular movie, can be seen in a dozen countries (including the Netherlands) while, for example, the number four in the list (The Godfather: Part 2) can only be seen in four countries (and not in the Netherlands).
  • This is a great example of a “geographical blockade” in practice: if you live in the Netherlands and have a Netflix subscription, then it’s easier to choose than if you lived in the US.
  • But suppose you want to see tóch The Godfather: Part II? Then you’ll feel that’s possible, as long as you have a meilleur VPN pour Netflix.

How to get around a geographical blockade?

It can sometimes be very simple. In fact, it’s up to the following steps:

  1. Log out of Netflix.
  2. Start your VPN software.
  3. Choose a server in the country whose Netflix offerings you want to see.
  4. Log back into ExpressVPN trial review @ Finlandia.
  5. If you don’t see that country’s offerings, repeat steps 1 through 4 where you obviously choose a different server in step 3.

It can even nóg be easier , as you’ll see in this video. Namely:

  1. Connect to a Canadian server from NordVPN. Because in the Canadian Netflix offerings, the movie is available.
  2. Re-load/restart Netflix’s web-page or app.
  3. And tataaa….ready to watch.