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As Bitcoin Price Drops, Dogecoin Doubles In A Day And YTD Profits Reach 5,000%

The meme-based altcoin, Dogecoin (DOGE), which has become a favorite talking point of Elon Musk, doubled in 24 hours, hitting an all-time high of $ 0.29.

DOGE leaves others far behind

DOGE / USD outperformed other major cryptocurrencies on Friday, Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed. Dogecoin has also become the eighth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, in what seems like an almost incredible move. And it surpasses Litecoin (LTC), Chainlink’s LINK and Uniswap (UNI), among others. A single DOGE was trading at around $ 0.25 at the time of publication. Price prediction Cryptocurrency Germany is popular.

Over any time frame, gains have remained more than impressive, with 80% on the day, 300% in the last week and year-to-date returns of over 5,000%. Compared to the same date a year ago, Dogecoin is up 12,600%, shortly after the short bear market’s well in 2020. Professional traders even turned out to be surprised.

Scott Melker tweeted that this is the first DOGE pump he’s missed in years. But that he still likes it very much, that it is his all time favorite possession and his life changed in 2017. He further indicated that he is happy for those who are in it and asked, “Isn’t it?”

Turkey approves the ban on crypto transactions

Meanwhile, as with altcoins in a broader sense, the historic reversal of Doge’s fortune that day came at the expense of Bitcoin (BTC). The largest cryptocurrency saw a predicted retest from previous record highs around $ 61,000. As several tests of $ 61,000 support left the door open to further dips on Friday, daily losses were around 2.8%.

Also noticeably declining in recent weeks, Bitcoin’s market capitalization dominance was 52.1%. As the time has come for altcoins to take their turn which some analysts believe will not peak until later this summer. The loss of upward momentum is said to have been fueled by a ban on transactions by the Central Bank of Turkey.

This was endorsed by possible “irreparable” side effects from the country’s established fiat payment network. According to a statement quoted by Reuters, it is believed that the use of crypto in payments could result in irreparable losses for the parties to the transactions due to the factors mentioned above. French crypto predictions is popular. In addition, these could contain elements that could undermine confidence in methods and tools currently used in payments, according to the statement quoted by Reuters. Ether (ETH) also showed signs of a decline, bouncing back to USD 2,400 after seeing its own all-time high above USD 2,500 the day before.

Analysis: Bitcoin drop of more than 8,000 euros in one day, but bottom seems close

What a day yesterday! The adoption of bitcoin as legal tender is a milestone for the cryptocurrency. On the other hand, bitcoin fell by more than $10,000 in one business day, or roughly $8,125. Is this a classic case of buy the rumour, sell the news? And what can we expect from the coming days?

Zoom in on the action

You don’t see it often, but for this time we make an exception: the fifteen-minute chart of the bitcoin price. At around 05:00 a.m. bitcoin reached a high of almost 44,600 euros. But from there it went downhill. Especially from 16:45 it went fast. Visit folm.io has enough information. The price plunged down by almost 5,800 euros in less than fifteen minutes. After that, bitcoin shot up again by about 2,500 euros, only to stabilize somewhat from there.

Long squeeze through bitcoin futures

Yesterday we wrote about the funding rate in bitcoin futures. With the help of bitcoin futures you speculate on the price trend of bitcoin. https://moveco.io/ has enough information. There are relatively many traders who speculate (or speculated) on a price increase. And that could actually be a harbinger of a decline. But how fast it happened yesterday, few could have foreseen. According to data from Glassnode, no less than 4 billion dollars (3.3 billion euros) in bitcoin futures contracts have been wiped out of the market.

What’s up with that? When the price started to fall, the margins of many long positions were exceeded. The bitcoins of these positions are then sold on the market. This selling pressure causes the price to fall even further. This closes even more long positions and sells more bitcoins, pushing the price down even further. And so on, and so on. This is also called a long squeeze: the long positions are squeezed out like a lemon.

On the edge

What happened happened. What do we expect from the future? If we look at the weekly chart, we see that bitcoin makes it exciting. The middle line at 37,600 euros was an important support at the beginning of this year. In March, but also briefly in May, bitcoin managed to hold on to this price.

The lower blue line has been a strong resistance in the past. First in January, then in May to July. If bitcoin falls further, this previous resistance can actually form a support. https://moveco.io/ has enough information. Visit folm.io has enough information. That can then be a strong basis for further rising. For now, EUR 37,600 still seems strong support, but the week is not over yet.

Good time to buy the dip?

On the weekly chart, the decline may look violent, but on the four-hour chart we see a bright spot. This might be a good time to buy the dip. At least, when you go by the Relative Strength Index (RSI). According to this indicator, bitcoin is close to a bottom.

The RSI is an index between 0 and 100. Does the line reach the bottom of the purple band? Then the price is oversold: the price has fallen sharply in a short time and this is often a harbinger that the bottom has been reached. We indicate these moments on the graph with circles.

What do we expect from bitcoin?

Can bitcoin recover quickly? Or are we going down? For our scenarios we use the Fibonacci series again. You can see this on the four-hour chart below.


Can Bitcoin Retrieve the Middle Green Line on the Chart? Then the price can make an attempt to reach the dark green Fibonacci line at 42,744 euros.


If bitcoin continues to fall, the lower green Fibonacci line is the next price target. This was still a strong resistance on August 1, and corresponds to a price of 35,600 euros.

Crypto Price Prediction: Why Bitcoin Could Reach $700,000 in Just 10 Years

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, despite some recent volatility, have soared in the past year – with a price increase of about 250%.

The bitcoin price reached $60,000 earlier this year before crashing and losing about 40% of its value within weeks. But many crypto investors remain convinced that bitcoin will soar well past its recent highs and potentially boost other smaller cryptocurrencies (subscribe now to Forbes’ CryptoAsset & Blockchain Advisor and discover crypto blockbusters poised for 1,000% gains).

Now, an early bitcoin investor managing a $2.8 billion crypto-focused fund has predicted that a massive, mainstream adoption could drive bitcoin price up about 1,500% within the next decade.


Panic Suddenly Spreads Among Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, and Dogecoin Traders Even As Market Soars Towards $1.7 Trillion Price

Where will Bitcoin prices go after their latest pullback?

Satoshi Nakamoto Employee Says His Bitcoin Fork, Zcash, Should Become Proof of Stake and Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

“Both datasets went up by an order of magnitude every two years. If they stayed that way, that would bring bitcoin to $700,000 when everyone with a smartphone uses it. Ten years is a reasonable forecast.” Enjin ENJ has risen.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption has skyrocketed in the past year as payment platforms like PayPal PYPL +0.9% and financial technology firms including Jack Dorsey’s Square SQ -1.1% allow users to buy and trade digital assets. Others, including card giants Visa V -1.1% and Mastercard MA -2%, have recently indicated that they are preparing to provide more support for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin received a major awareness boost this year thanks to the support of Tesla TSLA 0.0% billionaire Elon Musk. Tesla announced that it had bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin in February, putting bitcoin on the corporate radar.

Others have cited bitcoin as a hedge against a rising tide of inflation that threatens to devalue fiat currencies in the wake of the coronavirus’ massive money printing. “I think the macro story is so positive, so much money is being printed and so many institutions are coming into the space that markets will resume their rally in the next 12 months,” said Morehead.

“Some on-chain stats suggest a continuation of the recent upward trend,” Marcus Sotiriou, sales trader at UK-based digital asset brokerage GlobalBlock, wrote in a note this week, citing data suggesting short-term speculators in the past sales for several months, while long-term holders have accumulated.

Technical support

“Technically, bitcoin is above the 21-week exponential moving average [yesterday], which many consider to be the main support for the bull market, as well as the 100-day simple moving average. However, the breakdown of the rising wedge suggests that bitcoin could fall back to the mid-range of about $36,000, or lower before the rally continues.” FTX wallet is safe.

After the bitcoin price crashed in May, bitcoin is struggling to find support above $40,000 per bitcoin. However, some think that could change in August. “The options data suggests the market is positioning itself for a new lead over bitcoin in mid-August,” Pankaj Balani, the chief executive of crypto derivatives exchange Delta, wrote in a note.

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Some 190 countries where Netflix operates. With almost 4000 titles, movies and series, Netflix offers something for everyone. Yet it is ‘only’ 4000 titles if you compare it to the Netlfix offerings in the United States where you have almost half méér titles available. With a good VPN you circumvent a geographical blockade and increase the selection you can see yourself. Without moving.

Geographic blockage in Netflix

In a previous article we already told about the broadcasting rights that cause the offer of a streaming service like Netflix to differ from country to country. A handy site to see this in practice is uNoGS, the “unofficial Netflix online Global Search”. This site displays Netflix s offerings from about 35 countries and is a great way to find out. Or vice versa: if you want to see a specific movie or series, you can see through uNoGS óf and if so, in which country (the Netherlands?) the title is available on Netflix.

  • Let’s look at the most popular movies on offer on the uNoGS site as an example: The Shawshank Redemption, as the most popular movie, can be seen in a dozen countries (including the Netherlands) while, for example, the number four in the list (The Godfather: Part 2) can only be seen in four countries (and not in the Netherlands).
  • This is a great example of a “geographical blockade” in practice: if you live in the Netherlands and have a Netflix subscription, then it’s easier to choose than if you lived in the US.
  • But suppose you want to see tóch The Godfather: Part II? Then you’ll feel that’s possible, as long as you have a meilleur VPN pour Netflix.

How to get around a geographical blockade?

It can sometimes be very simple. In fact, it’s up to the following steps:

  1. Log out of Netflix.
  2. Start your VPN software.
  3. Choose a server in the country whose Netflix offerings you want to see.
  4. Log back into ExpressVPN trial review @ Finlandia.
  5. If you don’t see that country’s offerings, repeat steps 1 through 4 where you obviously choose a different server in step 3.

It can even nóg be easier , as you’ll see in this video. Namely:

  1. Connect to a Canadian server from NordVPN. Because in the Canadian Netflix offerings, the movie is available.
  2. Re-load/restart Netflix’s web-page or app.
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